Performance Player Piano System

Pianoforce Performace Player Piano System

The next generation of Pianoforce player systems is here. By far surpassing others in playback performance, the “Performance” also offers multiple play sources, storage options, play lists, easy operation and wireless Internet communication. Although the Performer has a multitude of features as compared to the popular Ensemble CD player system, our designers and engineers have managed to maintain the same small footprint. Pianoforce Performer is only slightly larger than its predecessors; but you will be amazed at what is packed into this incredibly small package.

Pianoforce has entered a whole new class in regard to overall appearance. The elegant look of the Performer will compliment even the most expensive piano. Features like the user controllable dot matrix display brightness control ensure the perfect blend between traditional look and technology.

In the age of digital music and entertainment anyone wants to be able to create music libraries, songs or play lists, organize favorites and customize individual performances. This is now all possible with the Pianoforce Performer. It is the ultimate entertainment center. Live piano performances played as if the pianist was sitting at your piano. Add real orchestral accompaniment and even vocals from various format player piano CDs, or just select a song or a selection of songs from the large onboard library. Do you want to extend your collection? Plug in a USB Wi-Fi interface (our special model) and access the Internet. Download or play song files, create your new play list or move them to the Share Folder, so other Pianoforce Performer owners can also enjoy it.